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Concrete Products Compared Retroplate, Ameripolish, and Consolideck

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Each business stands on its floors. Computer desks, goods, machines and customers use the floor. At All West Surface Prep, we provide a variety of commercial and industrial flooring and floor maintenance services within all major Colorado markets.

If you own a business in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Vail, Breckenridge, Cheyenne, Laramie, WY and/or CO, come to us today with your flooring needs and we will serve Read More

Industrial Concrete Coatings Cheyenne Laramie WY

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The Ultimate Concrete Prep Services in Cheyenne, Laramie, and WY

Concrete has been used exclusively in industrial setups for floors mainly due to its durability. Owing to heavy traffic, moisture exposure, and chemical abrasion usually experienced in warehouses, food processing plants, garages, and other establishments, concrete becomes exposed and eventually gets destroyed. General contractors must put in place a mechanism to counter gradual wear and tear caused by the aforementioned reasons, and that includes treating with a special concrete coating. This coating does not only provide an extra protective edge, but it also acts as a dress-up to a dull floor surface as well as Read More

Epoxy Coating Contractor Denver Boulder CO

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All West Surface Prep

Tired of the same old, boring-looking concrete flooring systems? Transform your business or home into a space that is more appealing with stylish flooring solutions from All West Surface Prep today! Our Epoxy Coating Contractor Denver Boulder CO can provide you with a range of Boulder flooring options that are sure to suit your budget and needs. One of the most common types of sprucing up boring concrete flooring systems is to paint it with a Read More