Dust Control – If you want it done ASAP call AWSP!

Dust Control

Dust is a problem. It floats in the air and settles on everything. To control dust while we work, All West Surface Prep, uses some of the largest vacuums on the market. We have Dust Collectors made by Blastrac and Ruwac.

Our systems are the most powerful and thus the best dust control system along the Rockies.

Blastrac Dust Control Systems

  • Blastrac 550
  • Draws 550 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
  • Self purging systems that keeps the filters clean and performing at a high level

Ruwac Dust Control Systems

  • Ruwac Little Red Dust Collector
  • Powerful and compact, drawing 200 cubic feet per minute
  • Unique and proven for the best possible performance