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Densifiers & Sealers

One more tool AWSP has in its arsenal for concrete surface prep is the use of Densifiers and Sealers. This is the most economical way to seal concrete. Densifiers grow new crystals in the concrete in a reaction that fills in the natural pores and voids and provides a dense, hard surface that is easy to clean. The concrete is densified internally and inorganically. There is no paint or coating to wear off or replace.

All West Surface Prep is your low cost, high quality solution to concrete densifying and sealing. Call today for a free quote!

Some of Our Projects:

Peak to Peak Charter School Library
Lafayette, CO
8,000 Sqft.
Advanced Auto Parts
Denver, CO
6,000 Sqft.
Advanced Auto Parts
Loveland, CO
6,000 Sqft.
Advanced Auto Parts
Golden, CO
6,000 Sqft.