1. Commercial Concrete Leveling In Denver

    If the concrete floors in your commercial space are old, there is a good chance that voids and a general unevenness are starting to appear. Not only are these voids unsightly, but they also pose a threat to the functionality of your concrete floors. They are, therefore, something that should not be …Read More

  2. Improving Your Commercial Space — 5 Tips

    For most businesses — whether they be retail stores, restaurants, or some other type of enterprise — it is not as simple as building it and letting the customers pour in. Rather, to ensure that your business is a success, you have to create an environment that is appealing to customers and comfo…Read More

  3. Improving The Interior of Your Restaurant

    From the squishiness of the dining chairs to the shade of paint covering the walls, it’s the little elements of your restaurant’s interior that determine the comfort of a dining experience. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the food your serving up is, if your place is uncomfortable, people…Read More

  4. Concrete Resurfacing Options for Commercial Floors

    Floors are easily overlooked. This is especially true in commercial and industrial spaces where the attractiveness of your floors can seem totally irrelevant to your operation and business. However, the floor is the ground upon which your business is built — literally. And while you, as an employe…Read More

  5. Finding the Right Concrete Floor Grinding Contractors

    When compared to a total concrete surface replacement, concrete grinding can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Whether you are looking to sand a small hump in your cement floor or trying to level out a trench that runs along your factory floor, the process of grinding or leveling your cem…Read More

  6. Commercial Flooring Options from Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors

    When it comes to concrete flooring options, we know that it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the wide array of available choices. Not only are the sheer number of varieties confusing but also the various—most likely unfamiliar—names only add to this confusion. For instance, you may hear or…Read More

  7. Commercial Concrete Flooring Options

    Whether it’s a warehouse, retail store, hospital, restaurant, or some other space, commercial and industrial floors have to be durable and able to handle a great deal of wear and tear. Day in and day out, they have to be able to withstand not only foot traffic but also the movement of machines and…Read More

  8. What To Look For In A Concrete Contractor—Pt. 2

    Finding a concrete flooring contractor in the Denver area isn’t hard. However, finding an expert contractor that can meet all of your project’s requirements is a little more challenging. In our last blog, we discussed some of the things you should do to help you in this process—establish your …Read More

  9. What To Look For In A Concrete Contractor—Pt. 1

    If you are the proud new owner of a restaurant, warehouse, factory, garage, retail store, or some other commercial space, you may be looking for a concrete contractor to set you up with some new floors. Although the importance of floors can often be forgotten, when done properly they are a big part …Read More