1. Ways to Improve Your Old Commercial Space

    Whether it’s a restaurant, retail space, factory, office, or some other operation, remodeling a commercial space is a big undertaking. Unlike a home, a commercial remodel takes more time and can affect more people, and if you’re trying to perform these remodels while still keeping your business …Read More

  2. Surface Preparation Equipment—Tools of the Trade

    Concrete resurfacing is a big undertaking, especially when it comes to industrial and commercial concrete floors. The first—and arguably most important—step of this laborious and time-consuming task is surface prep, getting the surface ready for the application of overlays and coatings. For conc…Read More

  3. What Is Concrete Surface Prep?

    If you are not exactly sure what concrete surface prep is, you came to the right place. As Denver’s leading concrete flooring experts, we are more than qualified to take on this question. In short, you could say that surface prep is the process of preparing your old concrete floors for the applica…Read More

  4. What You Should Expect from Concrete Flooring Experts

    If you’re looking to get your commercial or industrial floors resurfaced, you’re likely scouring the web for concrete flooring contractors and trying to decide who best suits your needs (hopefully, that’s how you stumbled upon this page, and hopefully, you continue to read on and explore what …Read More

  5. Concrete Polishing—What Color Will You Choose?

    Deciding to get your old concrete floors resurfaced is a big decision. First, you have to find reputable, experienced concrete flooring contractors (if you’re in the Denver area this is actually quite simple—go with All West Surface Prep!). And after doing this, you’ll then have to decide on a…Read More

  6. How Did My Floor Become Uneven?

    Sometimes it’s hard to notice uneven, sloped floors. Other times it's clear as day. You can easily imagine placing a marble or ball at your feet and watching it race to one side of the room. When the slope of your floor is extreme, this typically means you have foundation problems. Specifically, y…Read More

  7. Three Services Your Concrete Contractor Should Provide

    Did you just become the proud owner of a new warehouse or retail shop? Are you now realizing that it needs new floors? If so, you’re likely considering your industrial flooring options and prowling for a reliable, affordable, and professional flooring contractor. If this is your case, and you’re…Read More

  8. Polished Concrete Floors in Restaurants

    Unlike residential spaces, the floors in a food service establishment are required to meet high standards: 1) the space must be positively safe and capable of accommodating a significant number of people, 2) because it is a space where food is prepared, it must be sanitary and easy to clean, 3) it m…Read More

  9. Concrete Resurfacing

    When you look out at your commercial space and see a concrete floor rife with cracks, humps, gaps, and a whole host of imperfections, you might think you have only two options: 1) learn to deal with your deteriorating floor, or 2) hire a commercial flooring contractor to remove and replace your old …Read More

  10. 8 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    If you own a warehouse, industrial space, factory, or manufacturing plant, and are in need of new floors, you’ve likely been poring over your options. If this is the case, you’ve surely come across the idea of epoxy-coated floors. And if you haven’t, congratulations! You just did. Coating your…Read More