Surface Prep – If you want it done ASAP call AWSP!

Surface Prep

Our broad range of tools and skill sets allow us to solve a wide range of concrete flooring problems. Our tools and crew can remove tough coatings, nasty water-proofing, ceramic tile, VCT and carpet as well as smooth out uneven concrete and level heaved joints. We also provide expert Shot Blasting service for a variety of applications. With all of our leadmen having over 5 years experience with AWSP you can be assured we have the experience and expertise needed to get your job done quickly and to the highest of standards.


Our crews are all trained in safety compliance and are trained to operate all of our equipment. This advantage, combined with our large arsenal of tools, allows us to respond to your needs fast and with any production capacity. In fact, we shotblasted 50,000 Sqft in 17 hours on one recent job. We can save your old, worn-out concrete floors and save you money! We can even recycle your old concrete floor. We have the most extensive range of tools available so that we can truly say, “If you want it ASAP then call AWSP”. In most cases, we can be on the job the next day.

A Reputation of Quality

All West Surface Prep evolved from All West Contractor Services owned by Jack Pinney for 14 years. in 2004 Chuck Wagner renamed Jack’s company to All West Surface Prep, and we have become a leading floor preparation company in Colorado. Pinney is still an employee of AWSP.

Some of Our Projects:

Galleria Parking Garage
Glendale, CO
37,500 Sqft.

Chase Bank Parking Garage
Denver, CO
25,000 Sqft.

Swedish Hospital Parking Garage
Englewood, CO
36,000 Sqft.

Cherry Creek Mall Top Parking Deck
Glendale, CO
137,000 Sqft.

City of Boulder Parking Garage
Boulder, CO
98,800 Sqft.

Arete Parking Garage
Boulder, CO
26,450 Sqft.

Jefferson County Court House Parking
Golden, CO

Sqft. UQM Technologies
Longmont, CO
80,000 Sqft.

Eastpark 70 Building – Ashford Formula

Zengo Asian Bristo Concrete Polishing

JAX Mercantile Power Polishing!

Wings Over The Rockies


  • Lots of power for big jobs or lots of jobs simultaenously.
  • 2 – 4,000lb propane scrapers with catalytic convertors for clean air and safe use inside.
  • Electric, no fume scraper can be used where propane can not and can go all day and night if necessary.
  • 1 – Adapted Dingo with catalytic convertor and 1 Electric scraper.


  • 10″ VanArc propane scarifiier with multiple milling heads.
  • 10″ Smith Electric scarifier with mutiple milling heads.
  • 13″ Dingo mounted scarifier with multiple milling heads.
  • Dust collection systems for each. (note: rough surfaces make it difficult to trap all dust.)


  • A tool set build for firepower and speed.
  • 2 – Diamatic 780 30″, 1200lbs electric grinders.
  • 1 – Diamatic 535 21″ Prep Master.
  • 2 – 800lb 18″ Prep Masters.
  • Dust collection systems for all grinders.
  • Numerous hand grinders with Ruwac collection systems.

Shot Blasters

  • Blastrac 20D, newest and largest in Rocky Mountain Region.
  • Blastrac 10D, 3 each.
  • Blastrac 8D
  • Edco 7″
  • Dust collection systems for all.


  • We have powerful generators available for when the job requires it.
  • Since we own the equipment, we can put them on-site fast and with a lower cost than others.
  • Portable power makes AWSP a go anywhere concrete flooring solutions provider.