Concrete Polishing Association of America

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Concrete in itself is a porous product susceptible to spalling, efflorescence, and dusting. It is not easily maintained, nor does it provide an aesthetic finish. That is why Concrete Polishing Association of America focuses on establishing a concise, clear and technical foundation for the concrete polishing industry. Concrete Polishing Association of America has worked very closely with manufacturers, contractors, general contractors and architects to provide guidelines, specifications, and position statements. One of the leading companies that works closely with CPAA is the All West Surface Prep that are experts in commercial and industrial concrete flooring assignments.

The CPAA is a trade association that lays its focus on compiling technical knowledge to revise and draft the best practice guidelines, networking the concrete polishing industry, and educating the industry on those great practices. It is a monument task that requires many hours of work. Just like many organizations of a similar design, CPAA dedicates discreet groups of volunteers.

Concrete polishing is typically a vibrant part of the polishing industry. Most of commercial property owners are just realizing the numerous benefits that come with it, such as low maintenance costs, and ease of maintenance. One other overlooked benefit of polished concrete is that it is slip coefficient.

Through many avenues, the CPAA supports the overall concrete polishing industry. It is a highly valuable resource for contractors, architects, and property owners that need non-biased answers that surround maintenance, or installing polished concrete. CPAA has committees that represent it in diverse sets of industrial professionals that offer consensus-based procedures, definitions, and practices that suit all situations.

If you are an establishing contractor in the industry, and you are interested in understanding more details about concrete polishing, Concrete Polishing Association of America is the place to be. Above and beyond education, CPAA offers you many benefits.

Concrete Polishing Association of America increases polishing awareness, builds and maintains a high level of polishing standards, and also builds desire for concrete once it is processed to a polished finish. It is true to say that CPAA through education leads to a more profitable and stronger industry.

It is a non-profitable organization, and despite that has created non-biased specifications, developed a comprehensive accreditation and training program that genuinely supports the concrete polishing industry. CPAA is all about informing you constantly, and helping you get the answers you need. All you need should be found in the programs offered, and if you cannot find the information you need you are free to make a call.

In an effort to be in line with the industry’s demand for knowledgeable and skilled decorative contractors, CPAA launched an expanded certification program in 2013. The new programs offered now include both essential and classroom training, exposing interested parties to various tooling, equipment, and chemical products available today. All courses are tailored to offer all students broad training vital for their business success. Each course focuses on building deep knowledge of the craftsmanship.

The intensive training offered here leaves the industry with a distinction between skill levels. Every company that has many employees will be in a position to make use of the program for long-term goals towards training, education, and professionalism. This is a training program whose aim is to be an investment in businesses and education in the concrete polishing industry. The tradesman introduction certificate, for example, is an introductory course that is designed towards understanding the polishing process.


CPAA Certified Contractor

Dealing with CPAA certified commercial concrete contractor polishing such as All West Surface Prep has several benefits that ranges from customized concrete polishing to low cost industrial flooring solutions that are of high quality and acceptable standards.