Concrete Coatings Vs. Concrete Polishing

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As all good professional concrete flooring companies know, a crucial step in the perfect installation of industrial flooring is to know the advantages of concrete coatings versus concrete polishing and correct procedure for the preparation of the surface. The longevity of the new floor depends on it. If you prepare the floor with the right amount tooth or profile, you can ensure that the surface is durable and strong, which allows your commercial space to excel both in function and appearance.

Considerations for surface preparation

As the go-to concrete flooring contractors in Colorado, our company considers many factors before determining the type of surface preparation plan that it wants to undertake.
Below are some of the factors our concrete flooring experts take into consideration for each job:

Surface type:

The flooring should be mostly concrete, galvanized as well as ferrous metal, steel or aluminum.

Facility environment:

The company considers factors such as moisture, traffic, temperature, and cleaning schedule. We know that the longer your business has to suspend operation because of concrete resurfacing, the more money and business you lose. This is why we strive to be as quick as possible while still being thorough with our execution.

Flooring coating selection:

Manufacturers specifications should be complied with the present state of contamination. This means that all the flooring surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free from dirt and dust, rust, glossy coating, loose paint, oil, grease and previous contaminants from the previous flooring.

Surface preparation technique:

When we perform concrete resurfacing, we are able to use our experience and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your concrete floor is level and prepared so that your new concrete floor can form a solid, long-lasting bond. The type of concrete prep techniques used will vary depending on the condition and type of flooring.


We use specialized cutting saws for cutting masonry and other equipment is used for routing out of cracks and joints and decorative concrete cutting.

Shot Blasting:

Is a cost-effective, time- and labor-saving process that is used to prepare steel and concrete surfaces. This concrete prep process involves the stripping and cleaning simultaneously, which then leaves the floor surface ready for a thorough bonding procedure without the hassles of additional drying time and expensive disposal

Polishing and grinding:

We use state of the art diamond grinders for all of our concrete grinding, Planetary grinders and heavy duty polishers to cut through elastomeric coatings , waterproof membranes, built up adhesives, mastics, epoxies residues as well as prepare concrete surfaces for perfect decorative applications. These concrete grinders are especially useful, when a thin coating is applied to the surface to restore shine.


Is the surface preparation method that is used for steel or asphalt surfaces. The Scarifiers use carbide or a steel tipped cutter to abrade or fracture existing concrete coatings to remove oil, traffic lines, and other such contaminants. We provide the best concrete surface preparation services in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Vail, Breckenridge, Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Scraping and Stripping:

There are ride-on scraping heavy machines that are useful to remove mortar, tile and grout beds and floor coverings. At All West Surface Prep, we have various types of machines with scraping teeth that can remove wood, tile, carpet and VCT.

Concrete Coatings versus Concrete Polishing

There are many arguments regarding the topic of concrete coatings versus concrete polishing. Concrete coatings and concrete polishing are both long lasting and look beautiful as well. If maintained properly, they can last up to 20 years. Concrete coated floors are one of the most beautiful types of floors that you can ever lay your eyes upon. However, they are prone to damage under harsh conditions like friction and abuse. There are many considerations that you must keep in mind before coating or resurfacing your concrete floor, like are you willing to wax it 3 times a year. On the other hand, if you want a floor surface that is virtually indestructible, then polished concrete is the way to go. Never worry about something peeling or lifting from a polished concrete floor.

Are you thinking about getting concrete coatings, polishings, or resurfacing? Save time and money—call the professionals at All West Surface Prep today!