Commercial Flooring Options

By November 12, 2015August 23rd, 2018commercial-flooring-denver

Choosing the best type of commercial flooring can be difficult. Unlike residential flooring, commercial floors have to be built to withstand high levels of foot traffic, wear and tear, and any abuse caused by the moving of heavy equipment. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is right for you and your business. In today’s blog, the expert concrete flooring contractors at All West Surface Prep would like to share with you some commercial flooring options.


Hardwood flooring is a popular and timeless choice. It has a relatively long life. It’s durable. It can withstand a good deal of foot traffic, and it looks nice. However, for the cost, you will likely get more bang for your buck by going with polished concrete. Additionally, though many like hardwood for the way it “gives” and can be walked on with ease, this “give” is, of course, not good for spaces that require the moving of machinery, vehicles, or other heavy equipment. It can also be a pain to clean up, especially if your commercial environment sees lots of spills.


Vinyl has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in the 19th century. In addition to being extremely cost-effective, vinyl flooring also comes in an impressive variety of colors, texture, patterns, and designs. It can be made to look like hardwood, stone, ceramic tile, and more. However, though it is relatively durable, it is nowhere near as resilient or long-lasting as concrete or even hardwood. Another disadvantage of vinyl is that it has to be cleaned regularly since it is susceptible to abrasion caused by dirt, sand, and debris.


Admittedly, this is not the first option for many commercial spaces that see a high volume of traffic. However, when installed correctly, it can be a possible choice. It is an especially good choice for areas that are not prone to spills, clean up, and regular damage, and also areas where owners want to reduce noise.


Though we are partial to concrete flooring, almost any commercial flooring contractor will tell you that concrete flooring is one of the best choices for high traffic spaces. Concrete floors, especially polished concrete floors, are able to withstand the punishment caused by foot traffic, heavy machinery, and vehicles. They are resistant to abrading, chipping, denting, and they are even impervious to spills and bacteria growth, making them perfect for environments where sanitation is of the utmost importance. They are also remarkably easy to clean, require very little maintenance, and can last for decades and decades. On top of all this, when you have expert concrete flooring contractors complete the job, they can create a beautiful floor that accomplishes all of your design and aesthetic goals. For example, here are some of our completed projects.

When picking what type of flooring is best for your high-traffic commercial space, be sure to focus on the durability, duration, and the cost of each option. Whether you are looking for floors for a restaurant, school, office, warehouse, factory, or some other commercial space, these factors are of the utmost importance.

If you decide that you want to add concrete floors to your space, contact All West Surface Prep. From concrete grinding to concrete polishing, we can handle all your concrete flooring needs. Our crew is trained by all major manufacturers and has the experience and expertise to turn your commercial floor into a durable and long-lasting work of art. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss your commercial and industrial flooring options.