Is Epoxy Flooring Right For My Commercial Floors?

By May 18, 2016August 23rd, 2018commercial-epoxy-flooring-denver

Is your commercial space in need of new floors? Curious about your options? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s blog, we at All West Surface Prep would like to share with you one potential commercial flooring option—epoxy coated floors. After reading this blog, we hope that you will have a better idea whether epoxy coated floors are right for your commercial space.

However, before you go about writing off your old concrete floors, contact Denver’s concrete flooring experts. We have earned a reputation for being able to save old floors. Whether you need concrete polishing, grinding, leveling, or coatings, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn more or to get your free consultation.

Read on to learn about whether epoxy floors are right for you.

Do You Need to Designate Space?

As we mentioned, epoxy floors are extremely versatile. They can be applied directly over all types of floors, strengthening and preserving floors, as well as making any necessary markings and distinctions. For example, in warehouses, repair shops, and other industrial settings where the floor needs to be marked for, say, forklift operators or for where safety zones beginning and end, commercial epoxy flooring can provide these instructions clearly and cleanly.

Is Durability One of the Most Important Factors?

One of the best qualities of epoxy flooring is its ability to resist abrading, denting, chipping, and more. Many epoxy products are specifically made to withstand the punishment inflicted by heavy use—forklifts, heavy machinery, cars, etc. On top of this, many types of epoxy coatings are resistant to corrosive chemicals, making it perfect for manufacturers, factories, and warehouses.

Do You Need a Floor That’s Easy to Clean?

Ask owners of epoxy coated floors what their favorite part of their floors is and this will likely be at the top of the list. Concrete floors coated with epoxy are incredibly easy to clean. The seal created by epoxy makes the floors no longer porous, which prevents any spills, like grease, oil, chemicals, etc., from penetrating the floor. With a broom and a mop, you can keep your floors looking great year round. To learn more about how easy it is to care for your epoxy floors, check out this recent blog.

Do You Need Slip-Resistant Floors?

Commercial epoxy flooring is remarkably versatile. It can be used in conjunction with other concrete floor systems including polished concrete, color flakes, paint chips, stamped concrete, and anti-slip coatings. This makes them perfect for floors where safety is of the utmost importance. And unlike polished concrete, which is not entirely impervious to the effects of acids, oils, and other corrosive materials, epoxy coating can withstand this punishment. Additionally, they are also resistant to high temperatures, extreme impacts, and fires.

Do You Need Floors That Match Your Brand?

Sure, epoxy floors are, of course, not the only way to get beautiful floors that match the theme of your commercial space, but it is certainly a way. Working with polished concrete and epoxy coatings, we at All West Surface Prep have earned a reputation for creating some truly stunning floors. We understand how to meet the strict criteria of commercial spaces and how to customize each commercial flooring solution to match your exact brand and desired feel. Check out our project portfolio to get a better idea of our capabilities.

How Important Is Cost?

Though some may assume that epoxy floor coating is too expensive, this is not necessarily true. Epoxy coating services can actually be quite affordable. The ultimate price will depend on a number of factors including the condition of your concrete floors, whether or not they need to be resurfaced, and, of course, the size of your industrial or commercial space. At All West Surface Prep, we get tremendous satisfaction out of helping our customers get the services they need for a price they can afford. In addition to this, our floors are expertly installed and can last for many, many years, making them an extremely cost-effective option.

Not only do concrete floors coated with epoxy offer all of these benefits, but they are also cheaper than most other flooring alternatives. This doesn’t just apply to the materials and installation, but it also includes the fact that because epoxy coated floors require very little maintenance and repairs, they can last for decades without ever requiring you to open your wallet.

If you are ready to restore your concrete floors and install a solid epoxy coating, contact Denver’s epoxy flooring contractors today. We have the crew, equipment, and expertise to apply commercial epoxy flooring to virtually any commercial space, including restaurants, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and much, much more! With every job we do, we leverage our experience, expertise, and industry-leading equipment to deliver superior results—and do so faster than most! It’s why we take pride in saying: if you want it done ASAP, call AWSP!