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Concrete coatings are an economical and sturdy alternative to traditional floorings such as wood, tile, or carpet. Coatings are seamless as well as wear and chemical resistant. Available in a wide range of colors, concrete coatings such as urethane and epoxy, as well as waterproofing coatings and rubberized floorings, are a quick and affordable way to transform any floor.

At All West Surface Prep we are concrete coating experts. We can use polyaspartics to do a 1Day Floor coating. Our concrete coatings are abrasion resistant and can be applied regardless of temperature and humidity. We can install these coatings in temperatures between -20F to 130F with no humidity restrictions. In addition to being resistant to abrasions, dents, and scratches, our commercial floor coatings are also impervious to bacterial growth, fat and oil penetration, and acid spills, making them perfect for industrial use, food services, and even medical facilities.

90% of any successful coating is in the prep work. As experts of concrete polishing and other coatings, we demand a clean floor in order get the best bond possible. Moisture mitigation tests are essential to identify any problems that could cause coatings to fail. AWSP performs 2 types of moisture tests, both the MVER (Moisture Vapor Emission Rate) and relative humidity test. We use concrete leveling, grinding, or shotblasting to get proper CSP (Concrete Surface Profile). Our technicians are certified by leading manufacturers and have completed jobs for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Whether you are looking to improve your floor with a rubberized coating or commercial epoxy floor coating, we can handle all your concrete resurfacing needs and give your floor a beautiful, cost-effective coating that is built to last.  

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Some of Our Projects:

Spruce Mountain Ranch
Larkspur, CO
4,800 Sqft.

Sky Chef
1,100 Sqft.

The North Face
Boulder, CO
4,000 Sqft.

Ice O Matic
Denver, CO
115,000 Sqft.

Furniture Row Racing
Denver, CO
38,000 Sqft.

N & N Architectural Steel
Thornton, CO
50,000 Sqft.

Urethane and Epoxies


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