If you are not exactly sure what concrete surface prep is, you came to the right place. As Denver’s leading concrete flooring experts, we are more than qualified to take on this question.

In short, you could say that surface prep is the process of preparing your old concrete floors for the application of a new flooring system. It’s a process that can save your old floors and in turn save you time, money, and resources. At AWSP, surface prep is a point of pride for us (it’s even in our name!). From shot blasting to dust cleanup, we thoroughly and comprehensively prep a floor to ensure that it is given the foundation it needs to create a durable, long-lasting floor.

Though each concrete floor presents its unique set of challenges, the following techniques and processes are typically involved in all surface preparation projects.

Shot Blasting

To create a sturdy surface profile that can later form a solid bond with your new floor, shot blasting is often used to remove dirt, dust, laitance, and compound. Depending on the condition of the concrete, varying shot size, shot flow rate, and travel speed is used to achieve the desired surface. After everything has been removed and the concrete slabs have been smoothed and flattened, the prepared concrete can then receive an application of a new coating or decorative application.

Grinders and polishers can also be used to cut through heavy adhesives and tough coatings and remove all the surface imperfections and coatings. In the preparation process, grinding machines can also be used to polish concrete and restore old slabs, giving them a new shine. Other surface prep solutions may include scarifying or scraping and stripping using ride-on scraping machines.

Moisture Mitigation

To properly resurface a floor it is absolutely essential that your surface profile is entirely free of moisture. If moisture is present at the time of resurfacing, it can jeopardize the integrity of the new bond, potentially causing future problems and defeating the greatest perks of a newly resurfaced concrete floor—its long-lasting durability.

Dust Control

Removing old concrete coating is a messy job. To eliminate airborne dust and post-project cleanup, dust collectors and vacuums are often used. At AWSP, we use industry-leading dust control systems and vacuums, so that we can leave a project site in better condition than when we found it.

After the above-mentioned steps have taken place and the top layer of your floor has been removed, opening up the pores, your floor is ready to be polished or coated with epoxy to create a resilient bond.

While some concrete resurfacing companies may focus on the coating, polishing, and finishing—after all this is a big part of what you see once the job is complete—AWSP knows the importance of surface prep. Surface preparation is the true foundation of a nice-looking, functioning, long-lasting floor. The presence of even the smallest bits of surface contaminant—moisture, oil, grease, etc.—can reduce coating adhesion as well as damage the integrity of the floor.

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